This quiet little town is home to a small group of Tribals who are organized around a movie theater. At the time of the last war it was showing a classic film about a man who turned into a ravening wolf-like beast during the full moon. The tribe believes the wolf-man is a tribal totem, and wolves themselves are considered sacred creatures.

The tribal shaman, Shea-Wolf led the tribals, worshipping the film and keeping themselves fed with the raiders foolish enough to attack (yeah, the tribe’s full of cannibals).

All that changed when, after a strange outbreaks of nightmares, a massive horde of mirelurks surged from the ocean and overran the town. The tribals first fought back, then attempted to find refuge with the nearby Vault 42, before either perishing or fleeing.

Now the town is filled with the roaming crab-men, who seem to be fashioning themselves some sort of crude civilization. For what purpose, and on who or what’s authority, no one knows.

Places of Interest

The Den
The old Seaside Main Street Theater, The Den was the main home of Shea-Wolf’s tribe, where they slept, ate, and watch The Wolfman. There are numerous other holotapes in the theater, but The Wolfman was the only one the tribe considered important.

The Docks
Seaside was a small port town, and as such, had a large dock district. Several wrecked tankers and transport vessels litter the coast. Before the mirelurk invasion, they acted as shelter for wastelander passerby, tribal exiles, or merchants dealing with Shea-Wolf and her people.

Vault 42
When the bombs fell, the dwellers in Vault 42 were completely unharmed. When the vault doors opened, however, they couldn’t handle the wasteland before them, so they shut themselves back up. The Overseer didn’t want to imprison his people beneath the earth, so 42 still had contact with the outside world, it was just limited. However, when the mirelurks began attacking, they locked their massive door, refusing entry to the tribals of Seaside. The door hasn’t opened since.


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