Ruins of Corvallis

Corvallis was hit hard during the final war, and only a few mutants, ghouls, and desperate wastelanders call it home.

It currently houses the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel, stationed in the mostly intact remains of Crescent Valley High School.

It was also home to the original Grey Geese, led by Oslo Hunts. That is, until a group of wastelanders from Cleanwater wiped them out.

Beneath the city, in a warren of sewers, natural caves, and extensive subway tunnels, broils a massive force of feral ghouls. Each passing day the horde grows, for some unknown signal is drawing the ghouls in…

If one is willing to brave the critters, raiders, and Brotherhood, Corvallis is a prime site for scavving.

Places of Interest

Crescent Valley High School
No longer home to the fighting Raiders, Crescent Valley High is now the main headquarters for the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. The perimeter is well protected with barbed-wire and gun placements. The gym has been refitted to be a barracks, and the roof turned into a vertibird landing pad.

Vault 49
Vault 49’s doors have been closed for the past several years, after a raider attack. It’s been unopened, and uncommunicative, since.

NCR Camp
The NCR has a small camp, recently set up by a small contingent of NCR “ambassadors.” They’re attempting to expand their territory, and news of Cleanwater and its miracle has traveled south into the Republic’s territory.

Ruins of Corvallis

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