So named because of its location over a natural spring which supplies the town with an unlimited supply of fresh water, Cleanwater is truly an oasis in the wasteland… a heavily fortified and guarded oasis. It is located several miles east of I-5. In fact, it is due east of the ruins of Corvallis, at the foothills of the Cascade Mountains.

240px big townIt is set in the ruins of a large town, with a makeshift corrugated metal fence between the outer buildings as a perimeter. Outside this, ruined vehicles and other large scrap is used as a makeshift barrier, with the only opening a large chain link gate. The whole barrier is capped with barbed wire. Grey Geese patrol the zone between the barrier and the fence, and man guard atop the outer buildings.

Weapons are not allowed in Cleanwater, especially firearms. Only Sheriff Tate and the Grey Geese are allowed to carry anything. A few citizens, including Mayor Arns, are members of a small militia known as the Arms of Cleanwater. Only exemplary citizens can earn this honorary award, and once given, they are allowed to carry arms. Arms of Cleanwater are identified by a small bottle-cap pin of crossed rifles.

Places of Interest

Parts is Parts: Anything mechanical can be found at Pete’s shop, Parts is Parts. He also has a workshop in the back, and can repair items. He’s the main handyman around town, as few people trust Skye to help them out.

Comrade’s: George Kimmell, the proprietor of Cleanwater’s only bar, is a collector of all things communist. The walls are plastered with anti- and pro-communist propaganda. Above the bar is a (unloaded) Chinese assault rifle, while in the corner by the door is a mannequin in a Chinese officer’s uniform.

Doc’s: Radiation sickness got you feeling blue (sometimes literally)? Leaking out of several holes after that last raider attack and need a patch job? No problem! Go to Doc’s! Under the expert hands of Doc and Nurse Rita you’ll soon be right as rain, and taking the fight back to the ghouls, raiders, and muties of the waste.

Who’s Who
Fallout 3 big town exterior
Adalbert Greene
Constable Ironsights (trashed)
Derek Barnes
Mayor Wallace Arns
Nurse Frita
Sheriff Glen Tate
Virginia Skyler (Skye) (deceased)
The Grey Geese

The Grey Geese Mercenaries were once a roving mercenary company created by Oslo Hunts. Oslo wasn’t the kindest human, however, and the mercenary company was only a nominal step above well-organized raiders.

Eventually, Hunts’ second-in-command, Derek Barnes, grew tired of his boss’s bloodthirstiness and mutinied with most of the company. Now, the Geese have hung up their mercenary hats in return for permanent shelter and better pay (pure water) to help keep the peace in Cleanwater.

Oslo and his loyalists weren’t killed, but left behind in the ruins of Corvallis. However, Derek, with the help of a group of wastelanders based out of Cleanwater, finally dealt with the threat that Oslo and the old Geese posed, and the menace to the wastes of the Pacific Northwest have been eliminated.


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