Savage Fallout: Pacific Northwest

Calm Before the Storm which the players' plates overflow with danger—and something important is lost in the shuffle.

This post covers the previous two sessions of our Savage Fallout game.

The first session started with the return of the Brotherhood vehicles, which Gil had somehow stolen in his drunken state. However, the returning of the vehicles opened up further conversation with the power-armored, xenophobic assholes (as some in the party have called them). A deal was struck.

If the party brought soldiers from Cleanwater to deal with the Enclave when the Brotherhood struck, they could lay claim to a portion of the weaponry and armor.

Returning home, the party decided that with the loss of their vehicles, it was high time to find another one. They scrounged through various ruins of the wasteland, and eventually found two important things. Another tank (frickin’ Hell on Earth Scrounging tables!) and an untouched super market. The market, however, was swarming with feral ghouls.

The fight, which should have been a simple one, took longer than expected. Everyone learned just how difficult ghouls are when backed by a glowing one with radiation to keep his fellows fit and sharp.

In the fight, the Gil was incapacitated, and forced to roll on the injury table. Like EVERY OTHER FRICKIN’ TIME, the injured location was unmentionables. It was a permanent injury. It’s ok, though. With his new prosthetics, he clicks when he walks.

With a barge of grocery carts duct-taped together, the group emptied the super market and hauled everything back to Cleanwater.

After a day’s rest, the party returned to fix up the tank. It was being repaired by raiders who were easily dispatched, but Nick and Sam spotted a raider scout, and followed the guy all the way up to Salem, which was crawling with raiders and robots—organized raiders and robots, under the command of somebody named Mr. Boss, using the Robco Foundries of Salem to pump out machines of war.

On the return trip, Miri decided to slip away and visit the super-mutants, but she discovered they have a new boss, who isn’t friendly to her like the old boss, and is trying to revive The Masters dream and has started creating new mutants. This scary new night-kin in charge has heard of the cloning facilities in Cleanwater and Portland and has realized just how much that would help his army grow.

Meanwhile, Betty, Content Not Found: gil-jefferson, and Nick go up in Betty’s vertibird to see how Seaside has been fairing. Not well, they saw. When they got there, the whole town was a massive dome of black coral and chitin. A massive psychic assault from beneath the ocean almost caused a crash, but the group returned to safety.

Finally, Gil has been approached by Steven Yeng, the NCR ambassador, who is still trying to convince him that Cleanwater is better in the NCR’s hands. So far, Gil has refused.

A Less Direct Route which The Road meets The Hangover

The session starts with the group getting ready to travel east, to attempt to convince the Super Mutants to borrow their nuclear warhead. Some wanted to turn right around and take the fight to the mirelurks of Seaside directly. However, having lost both forms of transportation (the truck and the tank got all blown up), along with all the rations aboard these vehicles, the group chose a third option. Hike back to Cleanwater and restock. When they returned, Adalbert let it be known that he had a surprise for Nick, a human clone body, a cure for Nick’s Super Mutant state. Afterwards, most of the party rejoiced, while a single member sat in silence alone.

The party rejoiced so hard, that several members woke with no memory of what happened.Gil misplaced his sword, Betty’s vertibird somehow found its way onto a flimsy guard tower along the town wall, with male genitalia graffitied all over the sides. Inside the vertibird was a naked blonde woman who seemed to know Nick a little too well. Also, Nick and Gil had seemed to make their way to Corvallis and returned with several stolen Brotherhood of Steel vehicles, who weren’t too pleased with their stuff being stolen.

Path? What Path? which our players see the hook over here, but go over there!

The group’s tribal, Shea-Wolf, had been having nightmares about her home town, Seaside. A large number of mirelurks had driven her people out, and she wanted to retake her town. So the group saddled up (in their truck), and headed west.

The group decided to scrounge through some of the towns they came through and (thanks to the Scrounging tables I’m using from Hell on Earth: Reloaded) found a frickin’ tank. They spent the next few days fixing that up, and finding some other choice gear. Meanwhile, Shea-Wolf was getting anxious to help her town out.

After probably a week of travel and days spent scrounging, the party finally made its way to Seaside, only to see it overrun with crab-men. So they decided to attempt to travel another several days back East to find an old nuclear silo, and rearm the nuke they had disarmed earlier in the campaign. Then launch they would launch the damn thing at Seaside. Shea-Wolf didn’t like the plan, but didn’t speak out against it, either.

On the way they ran into a small camp of Enclave soldiers, who, before they died, radioed Portland about being attacked. A vertibird was sent with reinforcements, which arrived as the wastelanders were about to leave.

The party killed the lights on the truck and tank to stealth away, but Sam Riley, mercenary-extraordinare, decided to shoot the Vertibird with the tank’s main laser cannon. However, eight soldiers had already disembarked and managed to survive the explosion. A knock-down drag-out fight followed.

During the battle, the party realized that Scabs had not only been working on his cloning in Cleanwater, but in Portland, as the men beneath the power armor were clones of Sam Riley and Adalbert Greene.

Also during the fight, Gil’s truck was destroyed, completely. And, though they managed to defeat the Enclave, the group had to leave the tank behind, as more Vertibirds were on the way.

However, they managed to take a prisoner, an Adalbert clone. The session closed on the party interrogating him for information, though he was unforthcoming.

Catching Up, (The Story So Far)

The PCs gathered near Cleanwater. Whether traveling to the area to trade, follow fantastic rumors, hunt down an arch nemesis, or run from a haunting past, all came to the Pacific Northwest for one reason or another.

Not wishing to be burdens, the individuals wished to help the town out, which had been running low on medical supplies. Banding together, the wastelanders set off into the ruins of Corvallis, where they found the crumbling walls of an pre-war hospital. After clearing it of raiders, rescuing Jonas, and defeating a malfunctioning Mr. Doctor robot,the party got the goods back to town.

With this, the group slowly began to form bonds of friendship. Together, they helped clear the raiders out of Vault 53, ran into the Brotherhood of Steel, found a Vertibird or two, saved Cleanwater from the Enclave, befriended Super Mutants, found (sort of) big foot, kept a nuclear warhead from falling into wrong hands, were named Arms of Cleanwater, stopped a sinister ghoul, and brought the dead back to life (ah, the miracles of cloning).

Currently, the group has its sites set on the small town of Seaside, which has been overrun by Mirelurks. Let’s see how they fare…

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