Constable Ironsights (trashed)

Overzealous Protectron Deputy


Constable Ironsights: Protectron Deputy
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d6, Strength d6, Vigor d6
Skills: Energy Weapons d6, Notice d6, Science d6
Pace: 5 Parry: 2 Toughness: 5 (7)
Gear: laser rifle (3d6), repair check garners 1 battery
Construct: +2 to recover from shaken; arrows, bullets, piercing attacks do half damage.
Armor +2


A salvaged Protectron reprogrammed by Skye at Sheriff Tate’s request, Constable Ironsights helps keep the peace in Cleanwater. Unfortunately, since the coming of the Geese, he hasn’t seen as much use, apart from the occasional bar brawl or raider attack. He still cheerfully threatens newcomers to town, however, as well as any passing citizens. Tate and Skye have claimed Ironsights’ programming keeps him from killing residents of Cleanwater, but people are still nervous. Skye has tried to remove the intimidation protocol from Ironsights, but so far all attempts have failed. The only difference is that Ironsights now seems to have a sadistic, sarcastic humor, which only makes the robot all the more unnerving.

Constable Ironsights (trashed)

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