Savage Fallout: Pacific Northwest

Path? What Path? which our players see the hook over here, but go over there!

The group’s tribal, Shea-Wolf, had been having nightmares about her home town, Seaside. A large number of mirelurks had driven her people out, and she wanted to retake her town. So the group saddled up (in their truck), and headed west.

The group decided to scrounge through some of the towns they came through and (thanks to the Scrounging tables I’m using from Hell on Earth: Reloaded) found a frickin’ tank. They spent the next few days fixing that up, and finding some other choice gear. Meanwhile, Shea-Wolf was getting anxious to help her town out.

After probably a week of travel and days spent scrounging, the party finally made its way to Seaside, only to see it overrun with crab-men. So they decided to attempt to travel another several days back East to find an old nuclear silo, and rearm the nuke they had disarmed earlier in the campaign. Then launch they would launch the damn thing at Seaside. Shea-Wolf didn’t like the plan, but didn’t speak out against it, either.

On the way they ran into a small camp of Enclave soldiers, who, before they died, radioed Portland about being attacked. A vertibird was sent with reinforcements, which arrived as the wastelanders were about to leave.

The party killed the lights on the truck and tank to stealth away, but Sam Riley, mercenary-extraordinare, decided to shoot the Vertibird with the tank’s main laser cannon. However, eight soldiers had already disembarked and managed to survive the explosion. A knock-down drag-out fight followed.

During the battle, the party realized that Scabs had not only been working on his cloning in Cleanwater, but in Portland, as the men beneath the power armor were clones of Sam Riley and Adalbert Greene.

Also during the fight, Gil’s truck was destroyed, completely. And, though they managed to defeat the Enclave, the group had to leave the tank behind, as more Vertibirds were on the way.

However, they managed to take a prisoner, an Adalbert clone. The session closed on the party interrogating him for information, though he was unforthcoming.



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