Savage Fallout: Pacific Northwest

Catching Up, (The Story So Far)

The PCs gathered near Cleanwater. Whether traveling to the area to trade, follow fantastic rumors, hunt down an arch nemesis, or run from a haunting past, all came to the Pacific Northwest for one reason or another.

Not wishing to be burdens, the individuals wished to help the town out, which had been running low on medical supplies. Banding together, the wastelanders set off into the ruins of Corvallis, where they found the crumbling walls of an pre-war hospital. After clearing it of raiders, rescuing Jonas, and defeating a malfunctioning Mr. Doctor robot,the party got the goods back to town.

With this, the group slowly began to form bonds of friendship. Together, they helped clear the raiders out of Vault 53, ran into the Brotherhood of Steel, found a Vertibird or two, saved Cleanwater from the Enclave, befriended Super Mutants, found (sort of) big foot, kept a nuclear warhead from falling into wrong hands, were named Arms of Cleanwater, stopped a sinister ghoul, and brought the dead back to life (ah, the miracles of cloning).

Currently, the group has its sites set on the small town of Seaside, which has been overrun by Mirelurks. Let’s see how they fare…



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