Savage Fallout: Pacific Northwest

A Less Direct Route which The Road meets The Hangover

The session starts with the group getting ready to travel east, to attempt to convince the Super Mutants to borrow their nuclear warhead. Some wanted to turn right around and take the fight to the mirelurks of Seaside directly. However, having lost both forms of transportation (the truck and the tank got all blown up), along with all the rations aboard these vehicles, the group chose a third option. Hike back to Cleanwater and restock. When they returned, Adalbert let it be known that he had a surprise for Nick, a human clone body, a cure for Nick’s Super Mutant state. Afterwards, most of the party rejoiced, while a single member sat in silence alone.

The party rejoiced so hard, that several members woke with no memory of what happened.Gil misplaced his sword, Betty’s vertibird somehow found its way onto a flimsy guard tower along the town wall, with male genitalia graffitied all over the sides. Inside the vertibird was a naked blonde woman who seemed to know Nick a little too well. Also, Nick and Gil had seemed to make their way to Corvallis and returned with several stolen Brotherhood of Steel vehicles, who weren’t too pleased with their stuff being stolen.



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