Fallout 3 8.1812 325
War. War never changes.

Over 200 years ago, the world was consumed with atomic fire. Eventually, the survivors pulled themselves out of their underground Vaults and began life again. In what was once known as the American Pacific Northwest, a small town was settled over an amazing phenomenon. A small spring of pure, radiation free water.

Cleanwater is now a major trade source for most settlements north of NCR territory. Protected by the remnants of a once powerful mercenary company known as the Gray Geese, it’s also the only true oasis of safety in the Northwest.

The ruins of Corvallis are stalked by power-armored paladins of the Brotherhood of Steel. Nuclear silos deep in the Cascade Mountains hold a large community of super mutants with their own, unknown agenda. And far to the north, in the once great city of Portland, the rhythm of power-armored footsteps mixes with sound of vertibird engines, heralding the arrival of a deadly enemy intent on total control of the Waste.

So welcome to Savage Fallout: Pacific Northwest! Keep your stimpaks and ammo handy, watch your geiger counter, and don’t feed the Yao Guai!

Savage Fallout: Pacific Northwest

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